Meet Rachael Bell

Dentist Richardson

Registered Dental Assistant

Meet our fabulous assistant Rachael. She was born and raised in Texas.
Rachael has been Dr. Lide’s dental assistant for over 13 years. Together they have conquered their patients trust by providing exceptional dental services.

Rachael takes pride in her passion to build successful relationships with patients, so they feel comfortable coming to their dental appointments. Rachael knows all her patients by first name and will always greet you with a smile.

When you come to your dental appointment, Rachael will make sure you understand exactly what you are having done and will make sure you are comfortable by offering you a warm blanket or asking if you would like to use nitrous. She will always go above and beyond to make sure you have the best dental experience at our practice.

Outside of the practice, Rachael enjoys spending time with her high school sweet heart of 32 years, Greg. Rachael enjoys going to church, cooking for family gatherings, and spending time with her beautiful grandchildren.

Q: What Rachael likes most about Dr. Lide?
A: “Well, he was the first dentist I worked for out of dental school and I’m still by his side. I love how genuine he is and how he treats all his patients and us like family”.