Dentist Richardson | Overcome Dental Anxiety and Get Back Your Healthy Smile

richardson-tx-dentistFear and anxiety can sometimes cause patients to skip or reschedule a dental appointment. We don’t want the thought of dental treatment to cause you stress. If you find that you can’t stop worrying about pain, embarrassment, or loss or control when you sit down in the dental examination chair, we want you to know two very important things: You are not alone and We can help.

You are not alone. Studies show that a vast majority of people experience some amount of nervousness when going to the dentist. About 10-20% of the population, though, find that going to the dentist can cause such high levels of stress, anxiety, and fear that they avoid appointments and leave dental issues untreated for months or even longer. When this happens, these patients have increased risk of experiencing additional dental health issues and may even suffer negative effects on their overall health and self-esteem.

For most people, dental fear is caused by one of two things. First, any patient who has had previous negative dental care experiences may be overcome by worry that they will suffer the same type of problem again. Second, children are influenced through indirect experience by watching parents with dental anxiety dread, delay, or avoid dental care appointments. Whether or not this fear is ever explicitly vocalized, children will often internalize and repeat this cycle of self-reinforcing anxiety long into adulthood.

We can help. The first step to overcoming dental anxiety is to let our caring team know you have this problem. We have a variety of effective techniques to help you relax and feel comfortable and reassured during your visit. At Garbis Dental Associates, our whole compassionate team is happy to speak with you about all of your concerns and anxieties so you can have more control over your individual treatment plan.

We will start with a short, easy consultation and work together to ensure your progress moves at a pace that feels right to you. When you feel comfortable and safe, your body can relax more during treatment. When you’re more relaxed you receive greater benefit from anesthesia and experience quicker healing times and reduced discomfort following the treatment.

If dental anxiety has forced you to delay treatments, call Garbis Dental Associates. Let our caring team show you how we can help you overcome dental anxiety and regain the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.